At Tableau, we have been on a mission: We help people see and understand data.  Our DataDev community extends Tableau's capabilities by creating new, innovative ways to enable our users to use and analyze their data. 

The DataDev Hackathon challenges developers to to fine-tune the Tableau platform for specific use cases and create ways to innovate for Tableau customers worldwide.

Hacks are limited only by your imagination! Build integrations, extensions, or other useful tools using Tableau’s APIs.  



  • To be eligible to enter the Contest, at the time of entry, you must: (i) have validly registered as a contestant in this Contest at (the “RSVP Site”); (ii) be a legal resident of your country of residency; and (iii) be above the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside; (“Entrant”).
  • Employees and representatives of Tableau Software, its respective parents, agents, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, any prize provider, and any entity involved in the development, production, implementation, administration or fulfillment of the Contest, and their immediate family members (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse, or life partner) and persons living in the same household, are not eligible to participate. Tableau reserves the right to verify eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time. 


Submission Requirements. Submissions to the hackathon must meet the following requirements:

  • Include a Project built with the required developer tools and meets the above Project Requirements.

  • Include a text description that should explain the problem your Project is attempting to solve and its features and functionality.

  • Include a demonstration video of your Project. The video portion of the submission:

  • should be less than three (3) minutes

  • should include footage that shows the Project functioning on the device for which it was built

  • must be uploaded to and made publicly visible on YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku, and a link to the video must be provided on the submission form on the Hackathon Website; and

  • must not include third party trademarks, or copyrighted music or other material unless the Entrant has permission to use such material.

  • Include a URL to a code repository on GitHub or another code repository platform. If the code repository is private, Entrant must provide access to the GitHub account @illonage.

  • Include a list of the APIs and Development tools used within the project.

  • Include potential further improvements to your Project if more time were permitted. 

  • Be the original work of the submitter, be solely owned by the submitter, and not violate the IP rights of any other person or entity.

  • Access must be provided to an Entrant’s working Project for judging and testing by providing a link to a website, functioning demo, or a test build. If Entrant’s website is private, Entrant must include login credentials in its testing instructions.

  • Multiple Submissions: An Entrant may submit more than one Submission, however, each submission must be unique and substantially different from each of the Entrant’s other Submissions, as determined by the Sponsor and Devpost in their sole discretion.

Language Requirements

All Submission materials must be in English or, if not in English, the Entrant must provide an English translation of the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions as well as all other materials submitted.


Hackathon Sponsors


$9,000 in prizes

First Place

$2,500 cash
$1,000 donation
Tableau eLearning codes worth $600
Tableau swag worth $50 per member (max 4)

Second Place

$1,000 cash
$1,000 donation
Tableau eLearning codes worth $600
Tableau swag worth $50 per member (max 4)

Third Place

$500 cash
$500 donation
Tableau swag worth $50 per member (max 4)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Zaheera Valani

Zaheera Valani
Vice President Of Engineering at Tableau Software

Kitty Chou

Kitty Chou
Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software

Justin Saint Clair

Justin Saint Clair
Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software

Ben Lower

Ben Lower

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    We'll look at the solution from the eyes of the Tableau user. We want you to see an innovative way to make processes and connections in Tableau easier and faster.
  • Impact
    We'll look at the solution as how it impacts the Tableau user. What specific portion of the the Tableau community will benefit from your project? What are your use cases? Show us the story of why your hack will impact the community.
  • Design
    We'll look at your hack with the user flow and design in mind. Is it easy to understand? Have you thought about how the Tableau community works?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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